Georgia Elementary & Middle School PTCO Supported Teacher & Staff Wish List Drive

wishlist 300What & Who: An opportunity for community members, caregivers, or families to purchase an item(s) from a teacher/ staff wish list. A chance to express appreciation and gratitude during this holiday season.

When: Starting December 4, 2023 through January 12, 2024

Why: Maybe you planned to purchase a small gift for your student's teacher or the staff at GEMS in context of the holiday season. Here's a chance to support needs that are outside the annual school budget and will be utilized to further the GEMS Mission.

How: Below you'll find all the wishlists that were submitted by teachers. Clicking on an item brings you to a page which has a link to the Amazon wish list or the specific item that teacher is asking to have fulfilled.

  • If you select an item from an Amazon wishlist: Thank you! There's nothing more to do on your end except ensure the teacher receives the item. Amazon will keep track of which items have been purchased so that no duplicates are accidentally provided
  • If you select to fulfill an individual item: Please check the box next to the item in this list and click the ✔️ button on the right to gray out the item (it might take a couple tries for the item to get grayed out). This way no duplicate items will be ordered. If you'd like, you can also let us know that the item was acquired by emailing us at, and we'll remove it from the list

The Georgia PTCO and the GEMS staff thank you for your continued support of our school and our community. We wouldn't be able to continue doing what we do without all of you!